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Dear Church Family and Friends,

Do you need a fresh encounter with God? I know I do! That’s why I’d like to invite you to join me in a brand new, life-changing revival series from It Is Written featuring Pastor John Bradshaw.

WHAT: No Limits, A Life of Power
WHEN: March 1-5, 6:30—7:30 PM, Sabbath, March 6, 11:00 AM
WHY: To Experience God More Fully

How It Works
1) Go to March 1-6 to watch Pastor Bradshaw's online message
2) Join the "Afterglow" discussion of the message, with our Central Family, by clicking the following:

Join Zoom Meeting

NO LIMITS, A Life of Power
Mon, March 1, Episode 1 — Great Expectations: Building on A Firm Foundation
Tue, March 2, Episode 2 — The Engine Room: The Fuel You Need for Real Change
Wed, March 3, Episode 3 — Slaying Goliath: The Key to Overcoming
Thu, March 4, Episode 4 — A Life of Power: Habits that Give You Hope
Fri, March 5, Episode 5 — Fire, Oil and Water: The Catalyst for Genuine Revival 
Sabbath, March 6, Episode 6 — And It Rained: Gaining Strength from Those Around You

No Limits, A Life of Power is a wonderful opportunity to engage the church family and friends in a face-to-face online gathering. The "Afterglow" discussion following each message by Pastor Bradshaw is designed to help you apply the principles of lasting revival. Gather your family around this virtual meeting, and let's prepare and pray for revival!

Love Always,
Pastor Randy Mills

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