Depression & Anxiety Recovery Seminar 2021

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Registration:            256-881-4351
Registration Email:
Date:                       April 5, 2021 - June 7, 2021 (every Monday evenings)
Where:                    Central Hall, 3001 Whitesburg Dr. and livestream

Church Livestream Request Email:

We're very pleased to announce that the Depression Recovery Program's livestream link will now be available to everyone who is signed up to receive the church's livestream!   Nedley Health, who owns the program, has been very gracious during this time in 
allowing churches flexibility in how the programs are conducted.

Dr. Nedley's videos are copyrighted material, so we cannot leave the videos up indefinitely, however. You'll receive the livestream link each Monday night at 6:30pm and can watch the video any time for roughly 24 hours after it is sent out (i.e. till roughly 8:00pm each Tuesday).