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One-flesh Marriage

Thursday, July 29, 2021

For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh. Gen. 2:24, NIV.

Writing one's own marriage vows is not a new idea. Adam spoke his own words during that first ceremony. We wish we knew more about this memorable event. No bride was ever surrounded by more beauty. Flowers, vines, shrubs, all in their pristine beauty, formed a background.

Was there music? How could there not be? Celestial music always accompanied important events: Creation, when the morning stars sang together (Job 38:7); Moses' song of deliverance from Egypt (Ex. 15:1-19); at Jesus' birth, the sound of "Glory to God in the highest!" (Luke 2:13, 14); and the greatest of all events—the song of Moses and the Lamb when Christ returns (Rev. 15:3, 4). Why, of course there was wedding music!

Without doubt the refreshments were the best that any caterers could ever boast of, and most trouble-free! Picking the delicious fruits right off the trees and feeding them to each other must have been a great delight for the bride and groom.

What about the homily? Ellen White says: "God celebrated the first marriage" (Patriarchs and Prophets, p. 46). He may have told them that marriage was one of His first gifts to the human race. We can be sure that He gave them some instructions as to their responsibilities in their new relationship. After all, they had no other experience to model, no library resources to check out. All their instruction came from Him, so there was never any doubt about its absolute trustworthiness.

God was also their instructor in reference to their sexuality. In the area of being fruitful and multiplying they had absolutely no knowledge. In beautiful simplicity He explained to them His plan for their one-fleshness. They would never wonder if their loving embrace was proper, dignified, or blessed. He assured them that in offering their bodies to each other they were exactly fulfilling God's purpose for them in the marriage act.

No wonder Eve and Adam were able to enjoy their sexuality for hundreds of years! And still God's desire for every marriage is that sexuality will continue to be an expression of joy and commitment.

God, our Creator, help us to realize our part in emphasizing the good news about sexuality in our marriages, and in our homes, schools, and churches.

Used by permission of Health Ministries, North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists.